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The perfect retreatfor families
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Ness Side lies half way between Loch Ness and the Moray Firth. The stretch of river has a good mixture of pools that fish well in all water levels.  As a result of the river being filtered by Loch Ness, the water is rarely coloured, even during high water.

The River Ness is one of Scotland’s shortest salmon rivers at 7 miles in length.  The fishing at Ness Side extends to almost a mile and a quarter and can be fished from both banks, giving anglers plenty of space. With a gently angled, shingle river bed, the Ness gives easy access for wading to get that little bit closer to fish.

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MeetOur GhillieRyan

I started my Ghillying career on the River Conon as an assistant Ghillie; this was a fantastic river to begin my profession. During the four years there I gained a vast amount of knowledge that has proved valuable through the years. I eventually took up the position of Head Ghillie on The Conon and enjoyed a further four years there. 

I have been very fortunate to have grown up in the Highlands with exposure to many great salmon fisheries. I have fished on many rivers throughout Scotland, enjoying the diverse fishing that is available; this has given me a wider understanding of salmon fishing including casting and the techniques to utilize in various conditions.

I am currently building on my knowledge base by working towards my AAPGAI.

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